Saturday, November 10, 2007

General Health Topic - Gross Hotel Glasses

Hello Everyone,

The other day I wrote an article about hand washing and using antibacterial wipes in groceries stores, hotels and other locations to try to prevent the spread of colds, flu, etc.

Yesterday I read an article in USA Today about the glasses in hotel rooms that I thought I would pass along.

Here is the article:

Gross hotel drinking glasses

Think the glasses in your hotel room are sanitized?

Unless they're plastic and wrapped, think again.

A reader alerted me to a report this week by the investigative team at Atlanta Fox 5 TV. They checked into a half-dozen area hotels and put a hidden camera in the bathrooms. What they found everywhere -- from budget to luxury hotels -- was disgusting: Housekeepers rinsing glasses in the bathroom sink. In one case, glasses were swooshed out after a housekeeper had been cleaning the toilet; in another, glasses were sprayed with what looked like a toxic mirror-cleaning product before being rinsed and dried.

Hotels typically say glasses are put through the dishwasher, but I have observed housekeepers swishing them out in the sink to save time near the end of a shift. Health experts interviewed by Fox 5 said the practice was a violation of rules and that dirty glasses could spread disease

(Note: this article was cut and pasted from the enclosed link. I did not write it.)

I will try to pass along these tidbits when I find them in an effort to stay Healthy.

Have a nice weekend.

Dr. Paul

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