Saturday, November 1, 2008

General Health Topic - Time for your Annual Flu Shot!

Hello Everyone,

Flu season is here. Now is the time to get your annual flu shot.

The following folks are the ones who really need to get vaccinated:

  • Over age 50
  • Any age if you have chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, history of stroke or heart attack, diabetes, compromised immune system, anemia, asthma or other breathing problems
  • If you live in a nursing home
  • If you live in a house with people listed above
  • Health care workers

Check with your local pharmacy, Dr's offices, County Health Departments etc. concerning locations to get your flu shots. Many locations give the shots at low or reduced cost. Many locations will bill Medicare on your behalf if you are a qualified recipient.

If you are employed, ask your employer if they will be sponsoring a flu vaccine clinic. Or, organize a health fair at your office and make arrangements to have flu shots given at that time. Contact me if you need more information on how to set up a health fair. Many employers will provide flu shots at no cost because it may result in fewer sick days taken by the employees.

I have included some links for more information.


1. Read Dr. Paul's notes

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4. Pay Bills

Please let me know if you are finding this information helpful. If you have any suggestions for future topics, let me know.

Thanks for your time,

Dr. Paul