Saturday, December 29, 2007

General Health Topic - Redirect Unused Medical Supplies to Those In Need

Hello Everyone,

Even though it is always time to help those in need, around the Holidays, it seems to take on special importance.

If anyone has received home Intravenous therapy or has had a family member that has used home health care services, the supplies that are provided to assist in the therapy are not all used and can add up. Those leftover items like syringes, gauze, tubings and dressings are still sterile, however, they can not be reused in the United States.

Don't discarding those unused items. There are non-profit clearing houses that can re-direct those supplies to disaster victims and patients in need throughout the world. If you are interested in donating unused medicals supplies, here is a list of organizations that can help:

REMEDY (Recovering Medical Equipment for the Developing World)

Medical Bridges, Inc.

Project Cure

Note: These organizations may be associated with groups that may or may not be in line with your personal and/or religious beliefs. If you are concerned about that, please investigate before donating supplies or money.

Giving to these and other organizations can be inspiring and very fulfilling. Knowing that those supplies will be going to a good cause and not a landfill can be a great feeling.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Paul

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